Tips on Buying a New Grill

There’s a new revolution taking place that you might already be a part of. The grilling craze is taking the country by storm and more grills have been sold in the new millennium than houses. With channels like the Food Network meeting our cooking needs 7 days a week, American’s are starting to stay home more and cook. This works out in a few great ways for the person grilling at home. First, they’re eating healthier and knowing where their food is coming from. Second, they’re saving a ton of money by not eating out. If you have yet to jump head-first into the grill phenomenon, you have no idea what you’re missing. I suggest you run out and get yourself a good gas grill.

If you’re starting now, well, it’s definitely better late than never. If you’ve decided to go out and get your first gas grill, there are some things you should know. You don’t want to be fooled by a big shiny grill that will break the bank and not even perform at a high level. You also don’t want something that will give way in two years, leaving you to purchase expensive repairs or a whole new grill. All you need is something convenient and useable for now. They make grills with tons of features, but what you need is something simple and functional. You can check out a wide range of grills for under $500. There is no reason that you should ever have to pay more than that. All you need to know is what to look for.

Don’t be pulled in by add-ons and attachments. Grills are a great thing to have, but the main purpose you’re getting a grill is to grill the food. You don’t need all these different rotisserie attachments, multiple side burners, warming drawers and self cleaning space-aged features. All you need is something that cooks. You can find a grill for a few hundred dollars that has ample cooking space and a side burner. This is plenty for just starting out. It’s really plenty for the people who have been grilling for decades.

Remember that looks can be deceiving. Stainless steel is absolutely beautiful to look at. It’s so clean and shiny. It just looks rugged, like the running boards on your truck. But there’s a problem with stainless steel, it’s expensive. Some of the flashier grills made of stainless steel can run you well over a thousand dollars. And they won’t do anything different than a less expensive grill; you’re just paying for the steel. In the long run, stainless steel won’t outlast cast aluminum. You’re better off going with a cheaper grill. It may not look as appealing, but it’s more durable.

Make sure you grill is propane. Natural gas grills are picking up in popularity, but you have to run them directly from a natural gas line. This means having a grill permanently installed in the same location. That’s great for an outdoor kitchen, but if you want a grill to place in your back yard, then it’s probably not the way to go. Always be sure to double check what you’re buying. Propane grills won’t run off of natural gas and vice versa.

Buying your grill should be a fun trip. Just remember to buy everything you need, and nothing that you don’t. Many a person has gotten carried away when shopping for a grill and ended up spending in the thousands for what you could get for $300.

Source by Richard Calvin Myers

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