Recreational Uses For Pro Armor Nerf Bars

Nerf Bars are known for various uses in vehicles that definitely add the element of cool. With this type of accessory for trucks and recreational vehicles, the appearance of the vehicle is improved but so is the level of safety. During daring races on unstable terrain, these bars protect lower legs and feet.

Nerf Bars are sometimes called running boards but are not the same thing. The actual bars are installed as a step for trucks. Though these bars are similar to running boards, this type of bar will provide side footing for pick-up trucks and SUV’s, but Nerf Bars can also provide secure footing for ATV racing in the form of nylon netting/cage.

Choosing bars for your Truck

Nerf, or Side step bars help give a boost to those getting into and out of a pick-up truck or other large vehicle. Depending on the specific brand in combination with the make and model of your vehicle, installation should be a simple process. These bars are designed to fit different brands of vehicles with their different dimensions. Nerf Bars are most popular with the sport utility vehicles (SUV) and all terrain vehicles (ATV).

Nerf Bars for your ATV

This type of accessory is built with strong assembly made primarily of nylon netting; this product provides sure footing when racing your ATV on trails or the track. Pro Armor Nerf Bars ensures that you won’t run over your foot when riding. The replaceable cage has foot pegs that are made with such quality that no matter how hard the turn these bars do the job.

Outdoor racing sports are most popular during the summer months and riding across dirt and sand is always an exciting form of entertainment. When folks drive their ATV’s their accessories can make all the difference in overall safety. Nerf bars attach to the vehicle easily and provide security during fast racing in rough terrain. When a heel guard is in place, feet are secure no matter how hard the vehicle is banged around or the driver within. Because of the sure grip, many racers prefer Pro Armor over other brands.

Why Choose Pro Armor?

Pro Armor Nerf Bars are increasing in popularity due to their quality and long life. Pro Armor always has positive online reviews which help other consumers find this great product.

Many customers return with friends to promote the success of Pro Armor Nerf Bars. Their promise of safety has been proven in keeping feet out of harm’s way. This product is unparalleled in the world of ATV pegs/grips. One excited buyer calls the fat pegs “fantastic” even after suffering abuse on the trails and at the track.

There are many brands of bars and these come in different sizes to fit the make/model of the vehicle. However, the highly regarded and patented Pro Armor Pro XC Nerf Bars are considered the best on the market. These bars have been engineered for strength with a special heel guard for added safety. Pro Armor is known for its quality, durability, and endurance.

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