Billboard Advertising – What Is the History Of Billboards From Egypt to LED?

When you ride down the road and see those large billboards have you ever wondered where all that originated? Today in the average city you may even see LED billboards brightly lighting up the main street with colorful images that change every few seconds. What is the history of the billboard.

Well you see it began with something called a "billing board", believe it or not they didn't start in Las Vegas. The actual first known "billing boards" were in Egypt. About three thousand years ago these boards were used to give messages to people who could not read. The boards typically had a picture of a runaway slave on them and a reward for their capture.

Many years later they were used in Europe as a way of giving out information, they were not considered to be advertising at the time. In fact in many people's eyes they were considered to be works of art. Most popular for this form of billboard advertising was circuses. Believe it of not they even had mobile units.

You see today my company designs mobile trucks with LED's on every side to promote an advertisers message. Back then they would secure their billboards to horse drawn carriages and drive them around the towns to promote a circus or other big events that were coming to town.

The popularity of billboards has increased in the USA as more and more people own cars. Now in America it seems almost everyone has a car, some people have two cars. When a person is driving down the road there is no greater advertisement than a billboard, especially an LED billboard.

Unlike a radio ad it cannot be turned off. Unlike a TV ad you cannot change the channel. When you pass a sign that is on your way to work you are guaranteed exposure to that sign twice a day five days a week. It is the best advertising out there. LED billboards are a fantastic way to advertise your business. When you put one up you are guaranteed to get more customers coming in your door. You can be assured more business in the years to come. Best of all LED signs last for at least a decade.

Source by Rick Sasser

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